Life Postcards is a lifestyle blog focused on sharing personal and professional experiences.

This space is for you if you are looking for real solutions, something that is doable, something that resonates with you and that is possible. I understand that we all need encouragement and that we need a different way to see life. That’s why I’m here!

So, what’s the blog about?

Is about providing real experiences. Life and work experiences. Actionable concepts, practical advice and a different way to see things. In my vision of improvement, I wish for the best outcomes to happen and to be supportive. As I shared my experiences, I have improved with the progress of this blog (or at least I think so).

I have always wanted to support people in other ways beyond the physical reach. I found the way, through this blog.

You can expect topics about:









-Ways to improve

The mission of the blog is to help you find those moments in life that make you whole. Those memories that we love and hold tight are Life Postcards. Memories that are full of love, successful experiences, wonderful moments and great days framed in your mind.

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Be better, be efficient and be effective;