There are not black or white actions here. Surprisingly, I keep meeting people that want to keep their personal life far from specific people.

I consider myself a private person to some extent. I have enjoyed the benefits of being connected on social media to those far from me. From time to time, I encounter or receive private messages about my profile photo or dating invitations.

My goals for social media are to connect with family and friends, personal branding as a professional and be in service of other causes.

Below I’ll share with you the methods I have applied to keep information private for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Evaluate what applies to you and implement accordingly. These suggestions are methods that I’ve tried myself and found out while looking for stronger privacy controls.


Today this is my only “personal” account. I’m friends with family, colleagues, acquaintances, and I know all of my Facebook friends personally. For Facebook I apply

Facebook Featured Photo

the following:

-I change the privacy for my profile photos as I add new ones. The only photo that you will see is the current one, the rest is private to me.

-As an organized person, I have most of the photos in albums and by organizing photos like that I can edit the privacy for each album. As the years go by, I put some albums private to me.

-I have reduced the number of selfies or photos that I upload from myself.

-As for the family, I no longer share photos of the family kids.

-My husband doesn’t use social media and I stopped using profile photos that included him. It is his personal choice not to be there and I don’t want to create (or reduce) a “digital profile” of him. From time to time, I share I photo with him.

-I have never used a profile photo that includes kids.

-I’m a stepmother and had never used a profile photo with my stepkids. In very brief occasions I have posted photos of my stepkids. When I post photos of them, I add filters or they are in an angle that doesn’t show them completely.

-I started adding watermarks or filters to photos with people on them.

-Only friends of friends can send me friend requests.


20190412_173844.pngThis is my favorite social media, due to the simplicity of creating the profile. But sadly not all of my family uses it. For a while, I tried to keep the account private but the amount of spam and the unsolicited requests were too many to handle. Today, the account is public.

Again, I limit the number of personal photos.

Funny thing now that the account is public the amount of following requests has decreased. I used to get about 40 requests a week and now I get like 5 new followers a week. Lol!


This is my professional account. The flexibility here is that you can edit what is public or accessible to your connections (like Facebook).  I like the notifications about who viewed your profile.

Since we put the work history, mine is limited to connections. The profile photo is visible 20190412_173919.pngto people on LinkedIn not public. When I’m in the photos, the posts are for connections only otherwise is public.

I used to have my email and Google Voice Number but due to unsolicited email subscriptions, I removed them.

Is important to keep private what needs to be private. To some extent, I don’t mind having my stuff public but we shouldn’t be doing that with kids. Probably a huge percent of social media users have blocked someone and don’t want them having access to their information. And that’s ok. We are talking about your information and you protect it by all possible means. If a platform offers you privacy options, use them to the best of your knowledge to protect what you want to be protected.

At the end of the day is about keeping a balance of what you share and with whom you share your information. I hope this helps you in keeping your information private. If you wish to connect with me on Instagram or LinkedIn, use the link in the specific sections.

Glad you stopped by once again;


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