LinkedIn is a professional platform where we can connect, contribute, build and learn. We all have heard or at least read about the way the platform intends to work. I feel that we joined to be enriched in any of those areas among many others but also to support and have healthy interactions.

As we evolve in the use of the platform and users become more active there is a shift in the platform’s feed. There is an increment in outstanding posts but with those, there is a fair share of not so positive posts. I want to share my experience in the last months with some of the not so positive interactions and how we are impacting the professionalism here.

I have been encountering multiple posts or comments like: “this not Facebook”, “how this adds value” or “this is not the appropriate platform”. To be fair with both sides, the line of what to post or not to post is very thin. What I intend to highlight is that when we do comments like those we are going far from building a community. Do you share those types of comments in your professional environment? Do you stop people to tell them that how they do things is not the way to do it? Facebook and LinkedIn are different up to some extent. Remember people are contributing from their experiences, work and their personal life. Every time we post, a part of ourselves lives in that post. Is somewhat difficult trying to be professional or a content generator and not including who we are in a personal way.

Soon we will be having live videos on LinkedIn. Another expected feature for many. Again the excitement and criticism flooded the platform. I saw videos, images, comments on how LinkedIn Lives will be taking over and how mortified some of the professionals will be. Again, I ask, Is this is how we behave in our professional environment? Are we not building a community here? Technology keeps evolving people. LinkedIn Live is part of that evolution. We are repeating the behavior for the emojis or hashtags or even when Facebook rolled the live videos.

One of my favorite subject of discussions on LinkedIn that is being momentarily displaced because of the live videos is the motivational quotes. As I expressed in a post, the line of what to post is in a gray area. LinkedIn as the rest of the social platforms and all human environments is very diverse, some people enjoy them and some not. Yes, that is fine. But how if we do not criticize? We are here to connect, contribute, build and learn. Please, consider that not everybody has enough time to develop a post. Quotes are an easy and fair way to contribute to the platform. Let’s just continue building a community here.

This is one that really shocks me, mocking job seekers. In a very weird way, you can obtain something positive from this one. We are here to help? Aren’t we? How about we continue building? Let’s rephrase the post in a way that is more accessible to others. What if the job seekers did the same with recruiters or hiring managers? (At least I have not seen those posts.) It does not make it right, either. You want to deliver a point or to help job seekers, I’m sure there is a better way. Some examples are posts like tips for your resume, don’t do this in your resume, I did this in an interview and cost me the job…you get the idea.

As we continue to connect, contribute, build and learn a lot of professionals will stand out more than others. That’s great! In the spirit of building, try replying to other’s comments. I’m going to use this example only. There are really great posts on LinkedIn that are followed by extraordinary comments. Remember, we are a community. Engage with those followers. I know sometimes is hard to keep track or there is not enough time. But those professionals are engaging with you for a reason.

You will probably think that I’m doing the same, criticizing. In a way, I’m doing that. But my intention is to remind you and fellow professionals to connect, contribute, build and learn. LinkedIn is a community of professionals where everybody is looking to grow.

What I intend to point is that lately there is an increase in posts like the ones in the examples above. If we continue to post or promote these type of posts, I think that we are deviating from the purpose of the platform. We are discouraging positive interaction that will result in connecting, contributing, building and learning. Moreover, do we behave like this as professionals? We have the opportunity here to build together, let’s take all the advantage that we can from it. We want the platform to be better, let’s start working towards that. I’m sure you all have great ideas that can continue enhancing our experience on LinkedIn.

Let’s continue building together!


A version of this article was originally published on LinkedIn.

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